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Functions of the Brahmaputra Board

The following are the main functions of Brahmaputra Board –

    1. To carry out survey and investigations in Brahmaputra Valley and to prepare Master Plan for the control of floods, bank erosion and improvement of drainage in the Brahmaputra Valley and activities connected therewith.
    2. To prepare the Master Plan in parts with reference to different areas of the Brahmaputra Valley or with reference to different matters relating to such areas and may as often as it considers necessary so to do, revise the Master Plan or any part thereof.
    3. To prepare Master Plan for development and utilization of water resources of the Brahmaputra Valley for irrigation, hydropower, navigation and other beneficial purposes.
    4. To ****** Master Plan / revised Master Plan to the Central Government after consultation with the State Governments concerned and approve the same subject to such modifications as it may deem fit.
    5. To prepare detailed project report and estimates in respect of the dams and other projects in the Master Plan as approved by the Central Government and indicate in each case the cost attributable to different purposes or uses.
    6. To draw up standards and specifications for construction, operation and maintenance of such dams and other projects.
    7. To construct with the approval of the Central Government, multipurpose dams and works connected therewith as proposed in the Master Plan approved by the Central Govt. and maintain and operate such dams and works.
    8. To prepare in consultation with State Govt. concerned, a phased programme for construction by the State Government of all dams and other projects proposed in the Master Plan as approved by the Central Government other than those referred in above.
    9. The Board may maintain and operate any dam or project for so long as it deems necessary to do so.
    10. To perform such other functions as are supplemental, incidental or consequential to the functions specified above.