उप मु. अभि. एवं क्षे.का., त्रिपुरा में आपका स्‍वागत है

Jurisdiction covered: Geographical area of  Tripura.

Planning and integrated implementation of measures for the control of flood and bank erosion in Brahmaputra and Barak Valley and for matters connected therewith.

Integrated Management of Flood and River Basins of interstate / international rivers of NE Region by involving expertise of domain experts, state of art knowledge & technology, working closely with State Governments and other Stake Holders.



श्री सुधन देबवर्मा

उप मुख्य अभियंता, त्रिपुरा, आगरतला, (अतिरिक्त प्रभार)
दूरभाष:- 0361-2301099

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