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Fund Release on FMP

The Brahmaputra Board, as part of the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India, is involved in releasing funds to various states for Flood Management Programs (FMP). Here is the information about the total funds released for FMP in different states:

  1. Arunachal Pradesh: ₹190.78 crores
  2. Assam: ₹1286.39 crores
  3. Manipur: ₹90.7 crores
  4. Meghalaya: ₹3.81 crores
  5. Mizoram: ₹16.89 crores
  6. Nagaland: ₹93.96 crores
  7. Sikkim: ₹91.84 crores
  8. Tripura: ₹23.62 crores
  9. West Bengal: ₹22.4 crores

These funds are allocated and released as part of flood management initiatives in these states to address flood-related issues and implement flood control measures.

The Brahmaputra Board plays a vital role in managing and allocating resources for flood management and other water-related projects in the region.