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Content Archival Policy

The department has adopted a Content Archival Policy. This policy is important for maintaining an up-to-date and well-organized website. Here’s a summarized version of the key points from your message:

  1. Content Deletion: Contents will be deleted from the website after their expiry date.
  2. Archival after 3 Years: Content will be moved to an archive page after three years.
  3. Revalidation/Modification: Content contributors are responsible for periodically revalidating and modifying the content to ensure that expired material is not displayed on the website.
  4. Request for Archival/Deletion: When content is no longer needed to be displayed, content contributors should send suitable advice to the Web Information Manager for archival or deletion.

This policy ensures that your website remains current and that outdated content is appropriately managed. It’s a good practice for maintaining the quality and relevance of your online presence.