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A Glimpse of Other works

  1. DPR completed and handed over to other organisations:
    • Siang Dam Project - Handed over to NHPC
    • Subansiri Dam Project- Handed over to NHPC
    • Dibang MP Project - Handed over to NHPC
    • Tipaimukh Dam Project- Handed over to NEEPCO
    • Bairabi Dam Project – Handed over to Govt. of Mizoram
  2. DPR completed- Closed due to inability to provide land for construction:Pagladiya Dam Project
  3. All Technical Chapters of DPR cleared by CWC & CEA :
    • Kulsi Multipurpose Project
    • Noa-Dihing Multipurpose Project
  4. Under Survey & Investigation:
    • Jiadhal Multipupose Project
    • Simsang Multipurpose project
  5. DPR partially completed and handed over to other organisations:
    • Dibang Dam Project - Handed over to NHPC
    • Lohit Dam Project - Handed over to private developers by Arunachal Govt
  6. Project initially under Brahmaputra Board handed over to private developer by Govt. of Meghalaya:
    • Kynshi Stage –I Dam project
    • Kynshi Stage –II Dam Project

A.  Completed and handed over / under process of handing over to WRD,  Assam:
1.    Harang 2.    East of Barpeta 3.    Jengrai 4.    Jakaichuk
B.  Under execution:  
5.    Borbhag 6.    Amjur
C.  Under process for taking up for execution:  
7.    Demow 8.    Kalamonijan 9.    Nelli
D.  Execution suspended due to inability of State to provide land:  
10. Kailashahar 11. Singla
E.  Handed over to  Tripura Govt. for execution:  
12. Rudrasagar
F.   Techno-economic clearance accorded by CWC:  
13. Pola 14. Depota
G. Under Examination of CWC:  
H. Under compliance of observations of CWC:  
 15. Dharmanagar 16. Pota Kolong 17. Deroi
I.    Under preparation of DPR / Data collection in Field Office:  
19. Laura-Jamira-Sessa 20. Haria-Nanoi 21. Punir
J.   Schemes under process of deletion:  
22. Konwarpur 23. Badri 24. Mora-Dikrong 25. Sukhsagar
26. Mora-Pichalamukh 27. Pakania 28. Namdang 29. Sisapathar
30. Gelabil 31. West of Barpeta 32. Ghagra 33. Bherekibil
34. Khatra 35. Batha
K. Deleted by Board :  
36. Rongsai 37. Sessa 38. Sonai 39. Tingrai
40. Ghiladhari

  1. For capacity building in the Water Resources Management in Northeastern Region, training program are continuously going on at North Eastern Hydraulic and Allied Research Institute (NEHARI).
  2. Model studies for construction of 2(two) Nos. of Railway bridges across the River Brahmaputra entrusted by NF Railway is under progress at NEHARI.
  3. Scientific dissemination and improvement of water management practices of Local Tribes and indigenous people of NE region in association with NERIWALM.
  4. Non-Conventional and Bio Engineering Measures for Basin Management.
  5. Study on Soil erosion problem in Barak Basin in collaboration with the National Institute of Technology, Silchar (NIT, Silchar).
  6. Study on Erosion problem of Lohit and Siang Basin.