Finance, Accounts And Audit Wing

Brahmaputra Board is provided fund through grant-in-aid by the Central Government for its works and establishment. The Board has a Financial Advisor to render advice on all matters relating to revenue and expenditure, to maintain the accounts and to conduct internal audits of the Board. The Finance wing has altogether 31 sanctioned posts headed by Financial Adviser and supported by Deputy Financial Adviser, Senior Accounts Officer, Accounts Officers and other supporting staff to assist him in discharging his responsibilities. Each field division is provided with a Divisional Accountant to maintain proper accounts of field works and advise the Executive Engineers in accounts matters.The fund allocations to the divisions and their expenditure are maintained & controlled by the Finance wing on monthly/quarterly basis. The Financial Adviser also functions as Chairman of the Contributory Provident Fund Trust Accounts, constituted with approval of Government of India.

Composition of Contributory Provident Fund Trust Accounts is as under-

Sl.No. Post Position
1. Financial Adviser, Brahmaputra Board Chairman
2. Secretary, Brahmaputra Board Member
3. Chief Engineer-II, Brahmaputra Board Member
4. Sr.Accounts Officer / Accounts Officer Executive Member
5. Four Nominees of Unions of Brahmaputra Board Member

Ihe Incumbency Position of Finance With is as under-

Sl.No. Post Sanctioned Posts Filled Posts Remarks
1. Financial Adviser 1 0 Under process of filling
by The Ministry
2. Deputy Financial Adviser 1 1
3. Senior Accounts Officer 1   Vacant on 31-12-2018
4. Accounts Officer 2 1
5. Section Officer 3 2
6. Divisional Accountant 9 9
7. Junior Accountant 14 8

Important Functions of Finance Wing