Sl No Reference No & Date Name of the Scheme Name of Division Estimated Amount Administrative Approval
BB/9045/Vol-XIII/16/449-454 dtd. 24-08-2016
Revised estimate for updating of Master Plan of south flowing rivers i.e. Teesta, Jaldhaka and Torsa-Raidak of Brahmaputra Basin in North Bengal & Sikkim
Jalpaiguri Division Rs. 192.42 Lakh Administrative Approval
BB/9045/Vol-XIII/16/437-442 dtd. 24-08-2016
Revised estimate (1st) for investigation works from preparation of DPR of Myantang H.E. Project in Meghalaya
Guwahati Division Rs. 467.70 Lakh Administrative Approval
BB/9045/Vol-XIII/16/431-436 dtd. 24-08-2016
Revised estimate (2nd) for collection of hydro-meteorological data of Kulsi M.P. Project in Assam
Guwahati Division Rs. 689.34 Lakh Administrative Approval
BB/9045/Vol-XIII/16/393-411 dtd. 24-08-2016
Estimate for office expenses of various offices, purchase/ replacement of office equipments (viz. computers, Fax machine, photocopiers, printers, cabling etc.) and office furniture in Brahmaputra Board for the year 2016-17
All Divisions Rs. 102.80 Administrative Approval
BB/9045/Vol-XIII/16/440-44 dtd. 24-08-2016
Revised estimate Survey & Investigation for preparation of Master Plan of Feni River in south Tripura District, Tripura
Agartala Division Rs. 64.495 Administrative Approval
BB/9045/Vol-XIII/16/374-92 dtd. 24-08-2016
Estimate for R&M of various assets of Brahmaputra Board for the year 2016-1
All Divisions Office wise AA attached Administrative Approval
BB/9045/Vol-XI/14/1307-1314 dtd. 11.03.2016
Construction of Raised Platform at Satrakanara 13 No. Seat under Satrakanara Gaon Panchayat of Baghbar LAC in District of Barpeta, Assam
Nalbari Division, Brahmaputra Board, Nalbari, Assam
Rs. 119.284 Lakh Administrative Approval
BB/9045/Vol-XI/14/1315-1323 dtd.11.03.2016
2nd Revised Estimate for Investigation of Jiadhal Dam Project.
Lakhimpur Division, Brahmaputra Board, North Lakhimpur, Assam
Rs. 1123.30 Lakh Administrative Approval