Pagladiya Dam Project

This project meant for flood moderation to benefit an area of 40000 ha, irrigation to 54,160 ha and incidental power generation of 3 MW, is proposed across Pagladiya River at Thalkuchi in Baksa District which falls under Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts (BTAD) in Assam. The project envisages construction of 25 m high and 21 km long earth dam with a concrete spillway. The Government of India had sanctioned the project in January, 2001 at an estimated cost of ` 542.90 crore for construction by Brahmaputra Board.

The start of effective implementation of the project is dependent on two activities to be carried out by the State Government of Assam viz. (i) Zirat Survey (property assessment) of the Project Affected Families (PAF) for finalizing the Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) Plan and (ii) land allotment / acquisition for R&R and project construction. These two activities could not be carried out due to the resistance from a section of the PAF. Even after vigorous efforts at various levels upto Hon’ble Minister (WR) and others with Government of Assam, no headway has been achieved.

A meeting was held on 23rd Oct, 2009 in the conference room of the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Assam, wherein, the Board officials emphasized that it would be ideal if the dam could be constructed at Thalkuchi. However, as an alternate to this, possibility can be explored at the confluence of Pagla & Diya near Indo-Bhutan border. As the catchment areas fall within Bhutan, the matter would require to be taken up with Government of Bhutan through Ministry of External affairs, Govt. of India. The Brahmaputra Board has done reconnaissance survey and topographic survey upto the Indo-Bhutan border area (within Indian Territory) to explore the location of any possible dam site as proposed.

Subsequently, the possibility of an alternative dam site upstream of Thalkuchi was explored keeping into account that the resultant submergence fall within the Indian Territory. After examining the available reports for alternative sites in the upstream of Thalkuchi which was investigated earlier and incorporated in the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Pagladia Dam Project, it was opined that no suitable site is available in the upstream of Thalkuchi. The matter has been intimated to the Ministry of Water Resources.

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